Leanne Moore

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

We got married in Marbella Spain on July 7th 2019! Here are a few of the details from our wedding.      The Invites  I adored our invites. Dave’s aunty and uncle got them as a gift which I think is such an amazing idea. We opted for the passport effect since it was for … Read more

Gym Wear Favourites

Today I’ve spent a morning off looking through gym wear online and creating a list of the things I’m loving! Take a look and see if anything tickles your fancy! Here is some of my gym wear favourites! Happy shopping! ***None of the items listed are affiliate or ads – just my own likes at … Read more

A Little Break In Rosslare

A Little break in Rosslare

This week Dave and I spent some time in Kelly’s Resort and Spa Hotel and I was inundated with messages asking where we were! So here’s a little blog post with all the details  – A Little Break In Rosslare.    I should start by saying we were truly blessed with the weather we got … Read more

Five Weekend Activities To Make The Most Of Your Free Time

Five Weekend Activities

The weekend does not need to revolve around nights out. Here are five weekend activities you can enjoy that will really help you make the most of your free time.      1: Take a hike One thing I want to do more of is venturing off on hiking or walking trails. Fresh air, exercise, … Read more

7 Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas Today I’ve pieced together a little post with some healthy snack ideas – one for every day of the week. Snacking is one of the things that van really throw us off track. Here are some you can reach for and they’re pretty delicious too!    1: Low Sugar Protein Bars This … Read more