Leanne Moore


strawberry ice-cream

A perfect treat – Strawberry ice-cream!    What You Need: 400g Frozen Strawberries 400g Greek Yoghurt 2 Bananas 2 Tspns Xylitol   What To Do:  Blend strawberries and greek yoghurt in food processor till completely smooth. Add chopped banana and two teaspoons of xylitol. Blend again for 1 minute. Transfer into a tupperware container and … Read more


chicken satay skewers

Chicken satay skewers; one of my favourite recipes! What You Need:  Mini Chicken Fillets Fresh Ginger Juice and Zest of Lime 1 Tsp Honey 1 Tbspn Soy Sauce 1 Tbspn Mild Curry Powder 3 Tbspn Smooth Peanut Butter 1/3 Can Light Coconut Milk 1 Tsp Coconut Oil     What To Do:  Start with your … Read more


Salmon Skewers

Salmon Skewers recipe: What You Need:  Courgette Peppers Fresh Salmon Fillets   For Sauce: 6 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons Honey, 2 Finely chopped Garlic Cloves 1 Inch finely chopped Ginger   What To Do:  Cut fresh salmon into 1-2 inch sections, do the same with peppers and courgette. In a bowl mix together … Read more


Five Ingredient Basic Bites

Five Ingredient Basic Bites- Here’s a handy little recipe you can prep today to make sure you have a tasty healthy treat to reach for during the week.  Five Ingredient Basic Bites Five Ingredient Basic Bites What You Need:  Dates  Almonds Cacao Powder  Desiccated Coconut  Water   What To Do:  Blend the dates, almonds and … Read more


Prawn Curry

Here’s a classic recipe for a sensational prawn curry you can try!   What You Need:  1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp hot chili powder 2 tsp mild curry powder 1 Tin Light Coconut Milk  2 Small Onions (chopped)  5 Cloves Garlic (minced) Fresh Prawns  … Read more