Leanne Moore


Do you lose your motivation in the lead up to Christmas? Well my December challenge might be JUST the thing you need! This little challenge is designed to help you stay motivated to keep up your healthy habits for the month ahead. Here’s how to own December. 


1: One Workout A Day

For the next 4 weeks I challenge you to one workout a day. This can be anything of your choosing. A class, a weights session, a run or a cycle on somedays and something a little gentler like a swim or a yoga session on others. The only rule is that from Monday November 30th to Thursday December 24th you complete 25 workouts in 25 days.  Maybe you already complete three classes a week, well can you add in four 30 minute walks on the other days? Share your daily workouts on social media if you want to tagging me @leannemoorefitness or @LIFTByLeanne and using the hashtag #25workoutsin25days


2:  Set a Manageable Food Goal

Throughout the festive period get togethers are (usually) a dime a dozen and there are endless boxes of Roses and Quality Street, mince pies and Christmas cake doing the rounds. While my approach will never be to rule these out, I do think putting a little mindfulness to your food goals will go a long way. This will differ from person to person depending on their personal fitness and body goals. For example my goal when it comes to nutrition is to make the best choices I can, cook healthy meals when I can and also enjoy a little of what I fancy! For December I won’t be changing much, still enjoying healthy, balanced meals and my daily little chocolate treat! However if you think you need to be a little stricter why not try limit the 25 days to ensuring you eat 3-5 nutritionally balanced meals and say no to the Christmas goodies until Christmas Eve? Set a food goal that is manageable for you. 


That’s all there is to it. Two little goals you need to set for yourself to help you focus for the next 3+ weeks. The challenge is set. The question is – will you accept it? 


Leanne x