Leanne Moore

Four Ways To Boost Your Energy

With the fast-paced lives we lead including work life, home and families, activities, hobbies and friends it’s easy to understand that our bodies feel a lack of energy from time to time. It’s not nice to have to drive through a day or a week feeling as though your body is tired and when that becomes the “norm” you know it’s time to add a little energy boost in somewhere. Here are four ways to boost your energy. 


1: Make sure you’re getting all your vitamins

This is a big one. Lacking in something like your B Vitamins can lead to a serious lack of energy. My best advice would be to pop into a nutritional therapist or your local pharmacy and have a chat about what multi-vitamin you could be taking to increase your energy levels. I know that Llyods Pharmacy offer a great service in pharmacies nationwide where they have qualified staff on hand to discuss what supplements you can or should be taking. Make sure your not missing out! 


2: Get adequate sleep

I know this one can be easier said than done but getting enough sleep and developing a good sleep pattern can be the answer to your lack of energy woes! Try to aim for the same bedtime nightly and also for a good 7-10 hours sleep per night.  Sleep is the body best recovery. A rested body is a happy body so do try to make changes to your sleeping routine if necessary.


3: Don’t cut out carbs

You don’t understand how often I see this. Cutting out carbs out of your diet is a sure-fire way to a zombie-like state. Carbs are the body’s preferred energy source. Your body literally needs them to function properly. A diet lacking in good carbs is not going to serve you fully for very long. Make sure to include good carbs daily in your diet. Sweet potato, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, root vegetables, oats, grains and veg are vital for your body to feed itself properly. 


4: Drink Vegetable Juice

Juicing vegetables as a snack daily could be just the tonic you need. A simple green juice packed full of good fresh vegetables will feed the body so much goodness it would be hard to lack energy! Beetroot juice in particular is an amazing energy booster. I’d always opt for a fresh juice over a caffeine filled soft drink as a pre-workout booster. Packed full of vitamins and minerals and only natural sugars. 


I hope you can take something from these little tips. Remember – listen to your body and treat it right. If it’s telling you to rest, you need to. 


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