Leanne Moore

Three Steps To A Fitter And Healthier You

I’m often asked my best tips for making room for exercise and well-being in life. Here’s the answer I always give. Here are my three steps to a fitter and healthier you. 


1: Make an appointment with yourself 

This is a huge one in terms of “finding the time” in your day or week for a bit of exercise. Sit down once a week on a Sunday, or nightly day by day, to look at your diary for the next day. Pencil in anything from 5 minutes to one hour for you yourself. Make it an “appointment” and one that you cannot cancel. Keep it the very same way you would keep a nail or hair appointment or the kids dentist appointment or any other for that matter. This is a vital step. It’s setting aside those few minutes for you. Instead of saying “I haven’t got the time…” decide to make the time. Looking after you is always first. Nothing else works unless you do. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Start small. Don’t be penciling in four one hour slots if you find the time hard to commit to. Start with a few five-minute slots and scatter them through your week, you’ll soon find the days you can increase that and suddenly the whole idea grows legs. Small steps to big changes, remember that. 


2: Write It Down 

This is true for everything. Writing it down makes things instantly more real or at least more understandable. Get yourself a notebook, fancy or plain, it really doesn’t matter, but for the rest of the month, start writing things down. Divide the notepad into three sections. (Ps the Beo Designs notepad is already divided like this for you and it’s super pretty!!!) 

1: Food 

2: Exercise 

3: Mind 

In the food section daily, write down what you’ve eaten, the times you ate, how you felt before and afterwards. This will help you realise exactly what you’re taking in, if you are getting over hungry, if foods are giving you energy, if they are making you feel good. It’s a simple little exercise but often really powerful. 

In the exercise section write down daily how you felt before exercise, what you done for your exercise and finally how you felt afterwards. This one is eye-opening. If this teaches you anything I guarantee it will show to you the massive effect exercise has on mood and energy. First thing in the morning or late evening after a long day, taking some time to exercise is not always what we want to do – but when we do, the benefits are clear. Don’t take my word for it – try it.

Lastly in the mind section, at the end of each day write down three things you were grateful for and one thing you are excited for tomorrow. Gratitude can be for big things or small things – In a given day I can be grateful for a gift I’ve received and also for 5 minutes to have a cup of coffee in peace. This exercise focuses your mind on the positives. It’s very powerful. Give it a go.


3: Have a ‘Soul Day’ 

A “Soul Day’ is something I’ve named as any day where you do things that are good for the soul! Typically for me mine include getting outdoors. Mostly to the sea, a sea dip followed by a lovely lunch and coffee and just time with my family and my dogs. This is sheer bliss for me! But for you it might be different. Ask yourself what it is you really enjoy? And simply – do more of it. I have weeks where a “soul day” is not possible. But then I make sure that I do get time for one at the very least every second week. The power days like these have is hard to put into words. Dream up your own and schedule it in. 


I really thing these three things are so easy to apply to your life, and they can be applied straight away. Take time with these right now. Make your start today. And by the end of the month, you’ll be firmly on the right path. 

Leanne x