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Motivation Monday – People Who Inspire & Motivate Me


Monday is definitely a day to share a little motivation – so I’ve put together a little post filled with the people who inspire and motivate me. These people are just a few of the dreamers, believers, doers and achievers that make me want to hustle harder every day.

Pippa O’Connor Ormond



What a lady. I literally love everything Pippa does.  I’m not at all fashionable and I don’t take as much care as I should with beauty products and regimes but that doesn’t matter, I still love following this lady on social media – especially snapchat (pippa.oconnor). Yes it’s a different genre and content but it’s completely inspirational to see her absolutely killing it in the blogging sphere. Watching her work ethic inspires me to keep reaching to higher heights.




Ellen Kavanagh Jones 

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Better known to you and I as Waxperts Ellen  – I love following this lady’s snaps (@Waxspertsellen). I came across Ellen last year and quite embarrassingly I approached her at a function and gushed about how much I loved her social media. (I know I know – cringe!) But its again Ellen’s business savvy ways that have drawn me to her. Business owner, mummy and girl boss! By sharing her own experiences – both at home and at the office –  she sets the bar for all potential girl bosses in the making!



Michele McGrath 



Where do I start with this lady…… Did you ever meet someone in life where you felt you could have known them forever? Michele is a ball of positivity a hard working, goal-setter, go-getter and the most inspiringly positive human I know. Not to mention – she’s uber stylish – check out her Instagram for all the fashion, beauty and positivity you need!



Ali Ryan 



Ali – the lady behind online entertainment site Goss.ie is some woman! I met Ali years ago when we were both journo’s (yep another lifetime ago for me). Then and now I think and have thought the same – this lady is a damn hard worker and hard work inspires me. People who go the extra mile and take risks to see their visions become a reality are people that motivate me to work harder to reach mine.


David Behan 



Yep my lovely other half Dave. Mushy I know but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit he’s one of my biggest inspirations. He led me to pursue a career in fitness – something I am massively passionate about  – and has been there to point me in the right direction every step of the way. It’s not easy to completely change your career at the age of 30 but he’s been a massive spoon of positivity every single day. I admire what he’s done, as an owner of an amazing gym (Go Gym in Greystones) and I love all the big goals he is planning to unleash in the future.


Hope you enjoyed this little read – and I hope it gives you a little “get up and go” for the week ahead. Happy Monday guys….


Leanne x


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