Leanne Moore

Fitspiration Of The Week – Barbara Borzyszkowska

This week I have chosen a remarkable lady to be my Fitspiration of the Week.

Introducing Barbara Borzyszkowska.

Barbara has qualified to represent Ireland in this year’s World Championships in November and will compete in the Cup of Ireland at the end of August in Wexford. Barbara balances her training regime with raising two kids, studying and working – which is no mean feat. Here’s what she had to say….



1: What is your weekly fitness routine like?

I have been training with Limerick Kettlebell Club for almost 3 years. My training programme is competition orientated and designed specifically for me by my coach Dave Shinnors. I usually train 4-5 days a week which include three days lifting kettlebells, one day running and one day is combination of rowing and building strength on my weaker side. My sport life revolves around training and preparing for competitions. During the first week of my training programme I lifted 13,168 kg/13 tonnes and in the 3rd week – the most intensive – I lifted 17,000 kg/17 tonnes. Now for the competition phase the weight dropped down to 7000 kg. All this is a preparation for a two day of Cup of Ireland competition on 29th & 30th of August, where I will do a 10 min Snatch and 10 min Long Cycle Jerk, both with 16kg bell. In November I will represent Ireland in the 2015 Girevoy World Championships.


2: What inspired your love of working out?

All my life I tried to be pro-fitness and be better than I was before. After my second pregnancy I was slimmer than I have ever been but my body had lost shape and firmness. My husband advised me to start training with kettlebells so I was looking for classes which would start at 8:00pm because I still had to put my small daughter to bed. I found Functional Kettlebell Club which offers classes so I encouraged my friend and we started our journey with bells.

I fell in love it. I bought some bells and trained at home everyday FKC’s instructors encouraged me to compete at Limerick Grand Prix 2013. So I joined Limerick Kettlebell Club and I won then a silver medal for Jerk with 12kg. And that was it!!! I caught the bug.

After 3 months of training with Limerick Kettlebell Club and after much guidance from the coach – Dave Shinnors I won the Nationals Competition 2014 with 12kg in my weight category. My journey is still continuing and I hope will never stop.


3: What would you eat in a typical day?

I try to keep basic rules of eating healthy. So three meals a day plus two snacks and in between I drink a lot of water. My day starts with shake of ‘greens’ (spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and cinnamon), then for breakfast natural yogurt with fruits or homemade muesli and I always add buckwheat bran which I buy in polish shop. I love it! For lunch fresh vegetables salad with grilled chicken or fish and for dinner a dish with eggs or grilled meat.


4: What is your favourite treat meal?

Barbeque burgers made by my hubby, Greek salad with lots of Feta Cheese and a Mixed salad with avocado, pepper, brie cheese and walnut.


 5: Who is your personal FITSPIRATION?

I always wanted get the ‘model look’ which has never happened for me. All my life I looked at the person in a mirror and I was never happy – but now this has changed. I learned accept myself and I am happy. Strength is the new fit. There are so many people who can be really great inspiration and motivation. There is no single person who is my inspiration. I wish to continue what I am doing at moment. My coach says that I am impatient and it is probably Polish mentality but I believe it is just me. I am a perfectionist and I want to always give my best.