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Whether you’re new to our classes or you’ve been a LIFTer since day one, it can be confusing when you login and you’re not sure which to go for. The LIVE class? The RIDE class on CATCH UP? The pump class on ANYTIME? What do they all mean?! Here’s a guide to our classes so you can find the right fit for you! 

Be Inspired For 2017

Are you looking for some 2017 Inspiration?      Today I thought I’d pop up a little post sharing with you some of the people I find inspiring! A few lovelies to add to your social media feeds.    Tally Rye     Tally is a personal trainer based in London and one of my … Read more

Six Week Pre-Christmas Shape Up

SO many people are enquiring about training in the run up to Christmas so I wanted to put together this little option.   Basically what I am offering is SIX weeks of ONLINE training, monitoring, food advice and guidance, measurements, weigh ins, picture progress and support.   If you start and stop fitness routines WAY … Read more

Back To School Fitness…..

September is such a busy month for fitness. Summer is officially over, the kids are back at school and many people look at the new month as a means of upping their fitness game. For many the intention is well and truly there – but the question looming stands – where do you start? This … Read more

Beat The Post Holiday Bloat

I recently commented on my social media on how I felt a little bloated and sluggish after returning from a few days of eating all around me in France. Since then I’ve had so many people get in touch asking me to share my tips on how to de-bloat and start feeling full of energy … Read more

My Favourite HIIT Workout

Recently I’ve been taking to my Snapchat account (Username: Leanneacmoore) to see what blogposts you would like to read each week.   I usually give three options and ask that you screenshot the one you want most. This week “My Favourite HIIT Workout” came out on top.   Before we get into the workout it’s … Read more