Leanne Moore

Three HIIT Sessions

Here’s a little look at some workouts you can try for a little cardio and resistance HIT! Here are three HIIT sessions. 


HIIT Session 1: 

30 Seconds Sprint
10 Box Jumps
1 Push/Pull on Prowler
6 Tyre Flips
10 TRX Row
10 Barbell Press

3-5 Rounds!




HIIT Session 2: 

Hand Step Ups x10

Push Ups x10

Lunge To Step x10 

Squat Jumps x10 

Tricep Dips x10 

Reverse Crunch x 10 

Try 8 Rounds 




HIIT Session 3: 

Squat 3×12
Walking Lunge 3×16
Barbell Press 3 x12
Chin Up 3 x Fail
Pulldown 3×12

3-5 Rounds 


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