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Fitspiration Of The Week – Mark Doyle


Personal Trainer Mark Doyle is my FITSPIRATION of the Week this week. Mark is a rugby player and colleague of mine at The Body Building in Limerick and this guy can lift. A great trainer, especially for anyone with sports specific needs.


1: How often do you train and what type of training do you do?
I like to train for 2-3 days with one day off but it depends on how busy I am. I do traditional weightlifting mixed with metabolic conditioning as well as regular conditioning sessions.


2: What is you typical daily diet like?
Normally Ive a good diet, lots of chicken, beef and eggs etc. At the moment I’m getting meals delivered from a friend of mine who has a company Go Healthy and its been really good, plenty of vegetables and good portions of protein. It takes the thinking out of meal prep and its a great time saver.


3: What is your favourite healthy food?
I don’t have one to be honest. You should learn to enjoy all foods. I’m happy eating most foods and if it has chicken in it I’m usually happy enough!


4: Who is your personal fitspiration?
I don’t really have one. I just go on instagram and look at some of the people on there. I love watching olympic weightlifters like Dimitry Klokov or crossfitters like James Townsend. You watch them and they are so strong. I’m always envious watching the weights they can move. You’d never know what you might find either in terms of training and it most certainly gives you motivation to train after watching them.


5: As a Personal Trainer what are your top three tips when training?
1. You can not lose 10lbs, gain 10lbs of lean muscle or add 10lbs to your bench press in a 14 days. Don’t fall for gimmicks, they are advertised in the back of magazines for a reason.

2. Go to the doctor find out what intolerances to food you have (gluten dairy etc) and find out what you are deficient in (iron, Vitamin D). Most people don’t have a balanced diet and we don’t get enough sun in this country and Vitamin D is extremely important in terms of the body’s functions.

3. Recovery days are just as important as training days but a day doing nothing is a day spent doing nothing. Recovery means implementing techniques for recovery i.e stretching and foam rolling. It’s something I’ve only realised recently and it’s making a big difference to my training.


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