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My Five Favourite Protein Sources

My five favourite protein sources

To have a balanced diet means making sure you eat sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In dealing with clients day in and day out I often find they struggle to know what foods are good sources of protein Today I am sharing my five favourite protein sources.    1: Chick Peas These little … Read more



A delicious dinner option, ready in minutes and healthy to boot. This sweet and savoury salad is a delicious main course, lunch or side dish.    What You Need:  2 Sweet Potatoes (peeled and cubed) 8-10 Strawberries (sliced) 10 Cherry Tomatoes (quartered)  1/3 Cup Pecans (crushed) 1/3 Cup Feta Cheese (crumbled) 1/2 Red Onion (cut … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips On Willpower

Willpower is a tricky thing. It’s there in bucket loads when there’s a holiday on the horizon or when the wedding date is booked, or when that big party is just weeks away and we want to look sensational in the outfit we’ve planned. But what about all those average weeks in between?   If … Read more

Ladies Who Lift Club – Dates and Info!

So we can FINALLY lift the lid on what “Ladies Who Lift” actually is!!! Siobhan O’Hagan and I are teaming up on this little project and we are so excited to finally announce we are holding #ladieswholift seminars nationwide! The purpose of these seminars is to introduce ladies to the benefits of weight training and … Read more

Beat The Post Holiday Bloat

I recently commented on my social media on how I felt a little bloated and sluggish after returning from a few days of eating all around me in France. Since then I’ve had so many people get in touch asking me to share my tips on how to de-bloat and start feeling full of energy … Read more

My 5 Favourite Low Sugar Snack Ideas

Sometimes the fitness regime comes easy but keeping the food on track is that little bit more difficult. What can you reach for to satisfy a sweet or savoury tooth without undoing all your hard work? A sweet tooth is a tough one because when it comes to dropping body fat – sugar is a … Read more