Leanne Moore

Be Grateful, Be Happy.

This weeks blog post is a little different from the norm but I really think it’s something that many of you will relate to. How many times in the past month have you heard someone say….”I get very bad anxiety.”


I know I have and more than once at that. Not too long ago I was the very person saying it on a very regular basis. Thankfully as I write this now – I can tell you that I’ve found my way to deal with that and now I want to share it with you.


I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks a lot. Far too much in fact. And whilst I’m not saying I am completely free of those situations – I promise you they are far more infrequent than they used to be. Last year I hit a particular low, I struggled and felt a little – well – lost to be honest. I’d changed my work direction at the age of 30, I was starting on the bottom rung of another career ladder and I felt a little overwhelmed.  I let things get on top of me and I was caught up in a web of worries and negative emotions. Today it’s a different story however. I’ve sort of become a “new me”.


So what did I do for this change to come about? Honestly, the only thing I changed was my mindset.


If any of you follow me on snapchat (username: Leanneacmoore) you’ll know by now that I am fond of posting a “Thought of the day” each evening. The reason I started doing that was to get people thinking on a positive wave length before going to sleep at night. I literally take five minutes every night at  the end of my day to go through the things in my head that I am thankful for. I start at the very beginning of my day and work my way through. No matter what it is I am grateful for – five minutes for a quiet cup of coffee or a day with family and friends – I acknowledge that and say thank you. It’s such a simple exercise – and one my Aunt Mary pointed me towards many years ago but I dismissed it at the time. How wrong was I? I adopted this little practice into my life in October of last year and it’s changed everything simply by tuning the mind in to all the positives in life you suddenly aren’t so bogged down with the negatives.




This might seem like a strange post for a fitness and food blog but the way I see it is what is the point of looking after your body if you are not going to look after you mind. Anxiety and stress are rampant at the moment. I bet we can all name one person we know (if not ourselves) that suffers from anxiety. I went through it all in a big way but I found my way around it for the most part by simply adding a little Positive Mental Attitude.


I’m not claiming to be bright and breezy all the time but I do make a conscious effort to try to be. You may read this now and think “yeah, yeah, yeah…” believe me I was there before too. Maybe it’s a thing that’s coming with age but I honestly believe you can change the way you feel and attract more good things by simply choosing to see your world in a brighter light.


If you are suffering from anxiety, if you are feeling a little lost or low – try this little exercise. For one week at bedtime – take five minutes to list and focus on the GOOD things in your day. Say thank you for them. Let those positive things be the last things you think about as you drift off to sleep.  Give it seven days. If you find yourself worrying about something be AWARE that you are and change your train of thought. Don’t let a traffic jam annoy you, laugh off the little things that “go wrong” and instead focus on all the things we take for granted that make our days a little better.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose.

Be grateful, be happy, be well.


Leanne x