How to get back on track

How To Get Back On Track

Today’s blog post is aimed at anyone who wants a little kick in the right direction. A little guide on how to get back on track with your fitness and food regime.


My job as a personal trainer comes from my own love of fitness and wellness. It’s not something I do for the pay check alone – don’t get me wrong I do have to pay my bills – but I do it also because I really do want to help people be fit and healthy.


How ironic is it then that in the past few weeks I have not been practising what I preach. Seriously! I’ve been living a very unhealthy, stressed out life complete with too much sugary and fatty foods, a serious lack of preparation, insufficient sleep, zero meditation and half-hearted workouts. In a nutshell, with all the stress of starting a new business, I’ve completely neglected my own wellness. What a contradiction!

Last night I sat down and decided to make a plan so that this week would be different. Go Gym Limerick is going to be a few more weeks in the making and I cannot continue to put my health and wellness on the back burner. I’ve “fallen off the wagon” and it’s time to jump right back on. Here are five things you can do today to help you start over: 


1: Work Up A Sweat
If you are finding it hard to get back into the mojo of working out – the best thing to do is try something completely different in order to get sweaty. Go for a run outdoors, do a HIIT class, try a new workout, or simply add some tough cardio to the end of your weights session. The feeling of being sweaty and energised after just one workout will really help you to find your desire to train again. Don’t stick to the same mundane workouts you had been doing. Mix it up and up the intensity.


2: Make Yourself Accountable
This is the one thing Personal Trainers give clients that they cannot do for themselves. Anyone can follow a simple workout or food plan but being accountable to someone – or having someone to report or “answer” to is what motivates people to keep going. Tell your best friend you are going to hit the gym 4 times this week and have him/her check up with you on Sunday. You’re less likely to cancel on a workout session if you have to report to someone after it.


3: Set Aside You Time
Keeping even ten minutes of your day for “you” will really do you the world of good. Spend it however you like, meditate, have a quiet cuppa, sit outside in the garden, go for a walk or jog. Just make sure those moments are with you and you alone. No phones, no distractions – just you and your thoughts. This is vital to making sure you have a moment to gather your thoughts and yourself throughout the day.


4: Use Time Wisely
This week I am going to block out my time better. I need to get up in the mornings and prep for the day. I usually suggest to clients to prep the day mentally the night before. For me this is a little tougher as I am usually only home about 11pm and have to cook etc at that point. So getting up in the morning and making a plan for my time is going to be essential to the smooth running of my day. Always map out your day. Slot things into times so you can get to them effectively, plan your workout, your meals, your relaxation time. And try to stick to it as best you can.


5: Stock Up On Goodness
The weekly shop is super important to making sure you have healthy nibbles at hand for meals and snacks. This is another place I have been falling down recently opting for 4-5 mini shops throughout the week – which actually turns out to be far more time-consuming. Get to your local supermarket and stock up the house. (Top Tip** Before the shop clear out your fridge and presses so that any out of date foods are disposed of making room for all the fresh goodness. It’s also much nicer getting to fill a clean fridge!)


Five simple things you can do today if you are struggling to get yourself out of “holiday mode’, if you can’t seem to break the rut of eating treat foods, or if you simply need to kickstart your healthy living lifestyle again. I hope you can take something from it.

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