Four Steps To A Great Week

Four Steps To A Great Week

People often ask me what is my top tip to ensure you stay “on track” weekly and smash out a successful and productive week. Put simply I have a few little tasks that I try to apply to my own life day in and day out and I am going to share those with you now in the hopes that you take something from them going forward. Here are my four steps to a great week. 


1: Plan Your Workouts

Step number one is to plan out your workouts. Whether its planning times that you can get out for a walk or planing out a five-day plan for the gym – you should always pencil it in, know what you are planning to do and create time each day for that to happen. My advice is to buy yourself a notepad, keep it as your “self-care” journal and document these four steps weekly. You can either sit down on a Sunday and plan the full week or you can take five minutes each evening to access the following day. See what fits into your schedule and pencil it in. Then keep that workout time and treat it like you would any other appointment. Don’t cancel on yourself. If you are in a rut with your fitness routine, try something completely different. A new class,  get outdoors, take a hike, doing something completely different to your regular routine (even once a week) will give you a spark of excitement. 


2: Plan Your Food 

You don’t have to live out of Tupperware boxes. I used to pack all meals but grew tired of having to eat cold dinners from a lunchbox. If you don’t want to pack your lunch from home, at least know where you can pick up some healthier options throughout your day. Make smart choices. Using a food tracker app – even just for a week or two – is also a good idea. Use it not to count calories but instead to start understanding about the foods you tend to reach for day in and day out. Take note of the calories in these foods (for your own education) note what foods are high in proteins and what foods are good sources of carbs. Understanding the foods you eat will go a long way. 


3: Set aside “You” Time 

This is a factor that is often overlooked when people tap about their health and wellness routines. Do you set aside “you time” daily? And before you start thinking “when do I have the time to do that…?” I am simply referring to even something as small as the five minutes before you fall asleep at night or the five minutes when you wake in the morning, to simply reflect on your day and offer a little gratitude. A small simple practise of saying “thank you” for the things in your day you were grateful for is a great use of quiet time for you. Of course if you have more time to spare – doing something kind for yourself – whatever it may be is also a perfect exercise. And you should never feel guilty about taking this time either. You time is necessary. How can you be expected to look after all the other factors in your life – work, kids, family, homelike – if you are not looking after yourself first and foremost. 


4:  Set Three Simple Goals 

The last little task is that I like to set three small achievable goals at the start of each week. These can be anything from aiming to drink 2 litres of water a day to aiming to get out for a 30 minute run. Three goals you know are realistic and achievable and that will make you feel kind of smug when you manage to smash them 

So there you have it. Four little steps to ensuring you have a great week. Try it out, see how you get on and let me know! Tweet me on @Leannemoorefit


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