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Leanne’s Top Tips On…. Foods To Cure Your Hangover Blues

Is it the morning after the night before? Good, you need to live your life and I hope you enjoyed every minute of letting your hair down! But now it’s “back in the game” time. Don’t go reaching for those typical hangover cures. You know – the ones that actually end up making you feel WORSE than you do now!! Instead I’ve pieced together a list of foods that might actually help rid of that headache and go a long way to helping you get back on the “Eat Clean” wagon. Take a look…


1: Eggs

The perfect breakfast! Eggs can actually fight alcohol induced toxins and they are protein packed to boot.

2: Coconut Water

Don’t reach for the sugary energy drinks. Cocnut water helps rehydrate AND rebalance electrolytes.

3: Bananas 

Literally FULL of potassium and magnesium that will no doubt be depleted after consuming alcohol. A lack of potassium can lead to nausea and tiredness. Feeling nauseous? Tuck into a banana!

4: Watermelon

Alcohol can deplete blood sugar levels so filling up on watermelon can boost that with its fructose as well as rehydrate with its water content. Perfect!

5: Oats:

Oats will slowly help raise low blood sugar levels and add a little “soakage”. Dress them up with fresh fruit ans nut butters to make them extra appetising.


Right so….. Up you get and off to pick up these five foods. You’ll be fighting fit in no time and who knows – you may even feel up to a little gym session to really get you back on track.


Hope you like these little tips!

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