Leanne Moore


This week, we are so excited to be introducing a whole new timetable with all new classes and instructors!

Feast your eyes on all that will be available in our FITNESS section from today Monday 8th February. Here is our new timetable and new classes on your LIFT subscription. 



Our New Classes:

1: Barre Class


What is Barre:

Derived from ballet, it combines a mixture of Pilates, strength training, dance, and yoga, to guarantee you a killer workout! It is known to sculpt the body, giving you a long lean physique. Our trainer Denise is a professional dancer so she definitely brings her own flavour to this 40 minute workout! 


When is it on: 

LIVE Mondays at 6 pm & CATCH UP for 14 days. 


Equipment Needed:  

A chair or sturdy surface to hold, a mat, light dumbbells/plates (2kg or less), and a small Pilates ball (a cushion/pillow or rolled-up towel will work too!)


Who is the Instructor:

Denise Goff is a professionally trained dancer. Denise has taught in many studios across London and is a Pilates Union certified instructor in Barre Concept.




2: Shape Class


What is Shape: 

This is a 40-minute dance cardio class designed to ensure you sweat and feel good doing it! The class is suitable for all levels of fitness


When is it on:

LIVE Tuesday’s at 6 pm and CATCH UP for 14 days 


Equipment Needed: 



Who is the Instructor:  

Janine is a mum of two and a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as a Gym supervisor. Janine will be bringing three new LIVE classes to the timetable weekly! 




3: Pump Class


What is Pump: 

Pump is a 30-minute barbell based class that hits each muscle group top to toe, with a range of exercises and varying tempos.

A great way to get started is by doing our anytime pump classes and take it from there!


When is it on: 

LIVE Thursday’s at 7 pm and CATCH UP after for 14 days 


Equipment Needed: 

A pump barbell set and a mat.


Who is the Instructor:  






These make up three of our new classes, and we are also adding more of our previous classes – with RIDE now finding a second LIVE spot on the schedule on Thursday’s at 6pm. Paired with our four ANYTIME classes (RESTORE, RESTORE MINI, HUSTLE and CORE BLAST) and Leanne’s INSTA Live workout #TheSaturdaySesh you now have 13 classes a week to choose from! 


Remember all live classes will be added to catch-up after for you to do in your own time.


If you want to read more about our other weekly classes you’ll find the blog post HERE. 


Have a great week!