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Shape Up For Summer – My Top Tips

Summertime is upon us and the holidays are booked. So the big question hanging in the air is….. are you summer ready?

My question to you is – have you got SIX WEEKS? In six weeks with steely determination you can make a massive change resulting in a happier, healthier, more body confident you. Here are a few of my top tips.


1: Commit
This might seem a silly thing to point out but this is wholly for you – if you want to be looking your best for your summer holidays – commit to the next six weeks and do it for YOU. Don’t cheat on your goals. Buy a notebook and make it your six-week diary. Write everything down, your workout logs and food logs daily. Writing it down and keeping it will be an eye-opener for you. Commit to a certain number of workouts per week. Stick to it. Commit to a food plan. Stick to it.


2: Train Clever
Training will be important to reach your goal in six weeks. If you’ve been training a certain way and not getting the results you want – change it. Stop spending hours mindlessly working through sessions that aren’t set to your goals. Get help with piecing a training plan together. Another good motivational tool is to pair up with the friend, partner or family member who you are planning the holiday with. Do it together.




3: Don’t “Diet”
Forget the word diet. Focus on healthy food choices. The word “diet” promotes only an unhealthy relationship with food in your mind. Let it go and focus on changing your attitude to foods. Aim for 6 completely clean days of eating every week. But on a day of your choice – plan and have a cheat meal. Not a cheat day – but one cheat meal. Don’t just eat this mindlessly. Plan it, figure out what it is you are craving and have exactly that. If you don’t have something that satisfies you, you will more than likely end up having a binge or second cheat in the following days. Remember a cheat meal is a very personal thing! Just have what you are craving – have it in one sitting – get it out of your system and then get back on the wagon. One cheat meal a week when you are training hard will NOT undo your weeks work.




4: Don’t Concentrate On Abs Alone
Sure crunches and sit ups are great but they are NOT going to tone your tum in time for bikini season. Abs work is not a big calorie burner and so it’s something that should be a part of a workout but not the only part. Also remember that first and foremost – abs are made in the kitchen so watch what is on your plate and aim for wholesome and healthy foods. Do not skip meals. This only slows down your metabolism. It will not help you burn body fat. With workouts incorporate some of the bigger compound moves – squats, deadlifts, thrusters – they are the calorie burners.

5: Limit Your Sugars
When trying to reduce body fat remember that sugar is the main thing you need to keep an eye on. And that means fruit sugars too. Yes fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals but they are also high in sucrose which can hinder weight loss. Don’t cut out fruit – just cut down on it.
6: Drink Plenty Of Water
We often mistake thirst for hunger. Concentrate on getting 2-2.5l of water minimum a day into you. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to increase its alkalinity.

7: Take A Magnesium Supplement
One of the supplements I always recommend is a magnesium supplement. It’s amazing for so many things in the body from the nerves to the muscles. It’s even been suggested that a chocolate craving can sometimes be the result of low magnesium levels! Magnesium rich foods include nuts, whole grains and leafy greens.



8: Keep A Rewards Jar
I love this little tip. Keep a jar known as a rewards jar. For each training session you do pop in a €1 or €2 and at the end of the 6 weeks you’ll have a nice little sum (hopefully) to buy something nice for your holiday!


I hope you can take some good from these little tips! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more food and fitness ideas.


LEFT: Cardio vs RIGHT: Weights
My Six Week Body Transformation

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