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So I’ve Fallen Off The Wagon…… And How I am Getting Right Back ON

This weeks post is very real to me right now and probably a little difficult to admit. But the real life truth is that WE ALL “fall off the wagon” from time to time and sometimes it’s that little bit tougher to get back on. This is my current situation so over the weekend I took some time to give myself a stern talking to! My biggest fear is that – as a trainer – someone will look at me and say “what does she know she’s not even in great shape….” That’s the reality of this job. You have to SHOW clients and potential clients that you eat, sleep and breathe this lifestyle. And I do….. however over the past few weeks – I’ve also been eating a few too many calories and not working out to my usual standard. I’m human right?

The reason I love fitness is because it goes a long way towards taking care of your health and so the reason I became a Personal Trainer was to help others live a healthier life. I actually enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and I want to be able to help others do the same. So why have I fallen off the wagon? Well one major factor was injury – when you are not feeling A-OK it’s hard to commit to a full session. But that’s almost behind me now – so as soon as I’m fit to train here’s what I am doing to make sure I am motivated and raring to go this week.


1: Writing Out My Goals
I have them printed out in black and white. You should do the same and stick it someplace you will see it and be reminded of it. There is one thing I know when it comes to goals – they HAVE to be specific. There’s no point half committing to something and the best way to avoid that is to pinpoint precisely what it is you want to achieve and go for it with gusto. I NEVER go by the scales – I’m always in and around the 56/57kg mark. I don’t really care what the scales say. But I want to concentrate on losing body fat over the next few weeks. How will I do that? By eating right – the way I know works for me and by putting a goal driven workout plan in place.


2: Prepping My Food
I am usually so good to do this but when training is not on point THAT is when my food choices become a little lazy. I don’t ever eat exceptionally bad – bar my weekly cheat meal – but in my case I definitely don’t reach the correct proportions of protein and carbs to maintain muscle. What happens me then is I go a little “soft”. So this week I will be planning my food out carefully. I find what works best for me is when I alternate low carb with high carb days. I usually plan this around what workouts I am doing on what days.


3: Taking Care Of My Body
Half the reason I feel I “fell off the wagon” in the first place was that I wasn’t properly taking care of my body or my mind. Recently I had a little injury to my knee and one to my upper back/shoulder which really limited the training I could do. I am going to allow time each day to make sure to stretch and foam roll. Believe me I KNOW it may the LAST thing you want to do at times but its so important to look after your body outside of the gym too. I’ve also taken to reading a little on meditation and am planning to put that into practice beginning this week. There’s no point having a healthy body if you don’t have a rested and happy mind.


4: Allowing Rewards
It’s silly to put yourself under too much pressure, so to avoid this I ALWAYS allow for a cheat meal and this is not going to change. Thats my treat to me for a week of hard work and commitment and I usually have whatever it is I fancy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your lifestyle has to be liveable. It has to work with ease. I find treating myself once a week works very well for me. So long may it continue!

I hope you can take something from this post. Even if it’s that you are definitely NOT alone when you lack a little motivation or willpower.

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