Leanne Moore

Protein Powders – Yay Or Nay?

By far one of the most popular questions I get asked is – is it ok to use protein powder. Today I’ve pieced together a post that might just answer all your protein packed queries!   Firstly protein powders are everywhere, in every flavour and widely available so choosing brands and varieties is nearly a … Read more

Over-Indulgent Weekend? Here’s What You Need To Do….

For me the weekend was literally a food and drink fest. We had a family wedding on Friday, followed by a day of treats on Saturday and my little nephew’s birthday party on Sunday. Wedding Food, cheat food, party food and even more rich indulgent food left me feeling a little queasy and bloated after … Read more

This Week I’m Loving……

    COLOURING TIME: Over Christmas I got a few gifts of some colouring books to help with stress and anxiety. I’ve always been pretty open about dealing with anxiety and know that there are so many more coping with it too. I fully believe it stems from my nature to worry. I love to … Read more

So I’ve Fallen Off The Wagon…… And How I am Getting Right Back ON

This weeks post is very real to me right now and probably a little difficult to admit. But the real life truth is that WE ALL “fall off the wagon” from time to time and sometimes it’s that little bit tougher to get back on. This is my current situation so over the weekend I … Read more

How Exercise Has Been Good For My Mind….. My Experience With Anxiety

“Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body. In fact one cannot be healthy without the other…..” With Mental Health Week taking place this week I thought it would be a perfect time to write a little about how exercise is not only good for the body – but … Read more

Three Exercises For…… Arms

This weeks exercises are for gorgeously toned arms! I’ve included ONE for biceps, ONE for triceps and ONE for shoulders to make sure we hit the arms from top to bottom.   Take a look.   DUMBBELL BICEP CURL Hold the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing away from the body. With elbows … Read more

July’s HIGH FIVE Challenge

Tomorrow marks the start of July (my birthday month 🙂 ) and what better way to greet a new month than with a new challenge! Introducing the HIGH FIVE CHALLENGE. So how does it work? Well…… For the month of JULY I am challenging you to keep it completely clean FIVE days per week (Monday … Read more

Day 11! One Day To Go!

Right so today is the second last day of the challenge – have you been keeping up? How about we hit that tummy hard today! Here’s a little abs circuit. ROUND 1 25 Crunches (add weight) 25 Russian Twists (add weight) 25 Bicycle Crunch 25 Full Sit Ups (add weight)   ROUND 2  20 Heel … Read more