Leanne Moore

FITSPIRATION Of The Week – Orla Hopkins

This week my “FITSPIRATION” is a lady that I love to follow on Instagram. A businesswoman, mum, dancer and IFBB Fitness Competitior – I have yet to figure out how she fits it all in! Introducing Orla Hopkins.


1: How often do you train and what exercises do you do? 
I train six days a week and depending on which stage of competition prep I am in will determine my schedule. So it can vary from twice a day to sometimes being three times a day. Trying to incorporate cardio weights and my performance (dance/gymnastics workouts) can be a bit crazy. My favourite body parts to train are my back and glutes. I love incorporating both into a session, adding in deadlifts, back extensions, good mornings, Tbar rows. Anything that builds a nice strong back & bootay 😉


2: What is your favourite clean meal? 
I love all seafood, so some grilled white fish with a couple of prawns with a side of grilled veg maybe asparagus, aubergine,green beans. And I also love baked sweet potato with some spices and chilis.


3: Do you have a personal “fitspiration’? 
I have so many ‘Fitspirations’ from celebs to fitness competitors but to be honest my Mum has been my fit role model since I was kid. She used to do the Jane Fonda workout DVDs every morning and then hit the gym in the evenings. She always looked fantastic and had so much energy. All I wanted was to go with her!


4: What kind of foods would we find in your fridge? 
My fridge is full of pre prepared meals in tupperware. Turkey, turkey sausages, chicken, green veg, sweet potato, spinach leaves, celery, tomatoes, peppers, chillis, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, almond milk, Quinoa & occasionally a bottle of cava 😉
5: What is your top FITNESS tip? 
Don’t make FITNESS a chore. Find an area of fitness you like whether its walking,dancing,swimming,biking or running it doesn’t matter …Enjoy the process !

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