Leanne Moore

Pre and Post Workout Meals

So many people have been asking the question – what is best to eat before and after a workout? So today’s blog is aiming to answer just that.


There are a few things we have to take into account here:

1: What time of the day you are exercising

2: What type of exercise you are doing

3: What personal “goal” you have set yourself.


1: What Time Of Day:

If you are an early riser and are getting into the gym 1st thing in the morning more often than not you are probobly going on an empty stomach. For some gym plans fasted CARDIO is great for leaning out and fat burn but if it’s weight training you are opting for an empty stomach will mean reduced energy reserves which will possibly impact on your session. I NEVER weight train on on empty stomach. A light snack before your session will go a long way. Whether it’s a morning or an evening session aim for a snack on route or 1-2 hours beforehand. Some simple things to try include:

– A Banana and/or Protein Shake

– Coffee with a Tspn of Coconut Oil (great energy boost)

– Apple Wedges with Almond Butter

– Greek Yoghurt and Berries

Your POST workout meal – for me is arguably the most important of the day. Here’s where you need to feed the body – especially after a tough weights session – with some good carbs and plenty of protein. Some of my fave post workout meals include:


– Sweet Potato and Chicken

– Brown Rice with Salmon (and greens)

– Quinoa and Steak (and greens)

The important factor to remember is the COMPLEX CARBS and the PROTEINS.  Sometimes – especially if you are on the go – getting the right nutrition is difficult. It’s about planning and prepping if you don’t have access to a kitchen.


2: What Type Of Exercise You Are Doing.

For me personally I tend to shy away from too many carbs on CARDIO ONLY DAYS and REST DAYS, opting to take my carb intake from vegetables alone. For me I workout FIVE days a week and on four of those I have a weight lifting programme. I make sure to get adequate carbs from complex carb sources (Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oats) on the days I workout with weights.  On other days my meals are mainly proteins and healthy fats with lots of green veg.


3: What Personal Goal You Have. 

Let me tell you – EVERYONE is training for a different goal. Some want to “tone up”, some want to be stronger, some want to look after their health, some want to be fitter and some want to grow some serious muscle. Your meal plan and MACROS (Macro nutrient ratios) will alter depending on the individual and on the goal.

Saying it’s one stroke for all is just not possible. However following the general guidelines above you do get a good idea of how to structure your pre and post workout meals.

If you’d like to discuss a food plan to suit YOUR workout regime take a look HERE.

Hope this helps,

Leanne xx