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Simple Strawberry Ice-Cream

Simple Strawberry Ice-Cream – For me a weakness is ice-cream and passing up a tempting dessert isn’t always an easy option. If dessert is your demon,  here’s a little treat that won’t have you setting out on a little guilt trip every time you reach the bottom of the bowl. Simple Strawberry Ice-Cream  What You … Read more

Cacao and Coconut Delights

Cacao and Coconut Delights

  Cacao and Coconut Delights – Being nuts about coconut helped the matter but we weren’t quite prepared for the complete awesomeness of what we were about to whip up. Try them out for yourselves – they’re goooooood! Cacao and Coconut Delights What You Need: (Coconut) 1 Cup Coconut Milk 3 Tblspns Coconut Oil 2 … Read more

Your January Shopping List

Do you need some help with your January shopping list? Take a look at my favourite foods…    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle – usually the fitness side comes along easily enough. Once you’ve committed to a gym class, a trainer or a plan – you can stick to it with a … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips On Willpower

Willpower is a tricky thing. It’s there in bucket loads when there’s a holiday on the horizon or when the wedding date is booked, or when that big party is just weeks away and we want to look sensational in the outfit we’ve planned. But what about all those average weeks in between?   If … Read more

GUEST BLOG POST – How To Blitz Stubborn Belly Fat

My lovely other half – David Behan – will guest blog from time to time and here’s his first instalment! Take it away Dave!   Hey guys, Its beach season and everyone keeps asking me how reduce belly fat! if you’re one of these people here’s 5 simple changes you can make to really help… … Read more


banana bites

Here’s a little treat to satisfy any sweet tooth. Three ingredients and only five minutes prep time. Simple and DELICIOUS!! These Banana Bites are definitely one to have in the fridge for  a tasty dessert or snack.   WHAT YOU NEED:  1: Bananas 2: Peanut Butter (our fave brands are Meridan and Kelkin – make … Read more