Leanne Moore

Spice Up Meal Time In TEN Calories Or Less

The one thing I often hear people say about adopting a “diet” or a starting a new “food plan” is that meals are boring and unexciting. My response is usually – they are only as boring as you let them be. Yes, sure a couple of meals every day might be straight from a tupperware box and a little less inviting than a four course spread, but adding a little imagination to meals you are taking a little time t prepare means the tastebuds won’t suffer. And the good news is – you don’t have to add too many calories either. There are loads of flavoursome foods that can be used to spruce up duller dishes and help keep the calories low. Eating clean foods doesn’t have to be bland. Here are some ideas to jazz up your food in under 10 calories!


Cucumber Slices
Add them to your water with a few mint leaves and taste the difference. There are also dozens of relay handy water bottles now available on the market that have separate compartments for fruits to add a little flavour. I also love mixed berries, pineapple and kiwis. Try out a few combinations and make your water come alive!!!!


Lemon Juice
Lemon juice has so many uses when cooking. Squeeze it fresh over salads (mixed with some Olive Oil) or fish or as before – add a few slices to your drinking water. Not only is it flavour-some but it’s also extremely alkaline when in the body so helps to balance out any acidity caused by “bad” foods.


Organic Curry Powder
Add a couple of teaspoons when roasting vegetables or boiling brown rice. The spice is a great way to give your metabolism a little boost too.


Fresh Ginger
Grate and add to salads or homemade curry’s. This little beauty has many healing properties and is great in some hot water for an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and other digestive issues.


Cayenne Pepper
As with the curry powder, the spice of Cayenne Pepper can boost your metabolism. Try pan frying your pre-boiled sweet potato in cayenne pepper and coconut oil for maximum taste.


Onions and Garlic
Two of the tastiest additions to any meal and all for under 10 calories. Add sautéed onions and garlic to your recipes and taste the difference.


Instant Coffee Powder
It may sound strange but sprinkling some coffee powder over greek yoghurt or homemade ice-cream will wake up your taste buds for under 4 calories! I sometimes add a little to my Protein yoghurt – it’s amazing how a less than 1/4 of a teaspoon can add so much flavour.


If you have a sweet tooth, cinnamon could be your best friend! Add some to oats, yogurt or even your coffee to add flavour for just 2 calories per teaspoon!


Hopefully these small tips can help you get a little more “umph” from your eat clean meals. My top tip is to always experiment. Add a new spice tot he shopping trolly each week, try a new vegetable or fruit and use them is different ways. Before you know it you’ll have opened yourself up to a world of new ideas to help battle any food boredom you might encounter.

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