Leanne Moore

Willpower Through February

With the end of January looming for many people it will also mean the end of their newfound fitness and healthy food routines. But the arrival of spring should in fact do the complete opposite. It should be a motivator to push harder to stick with the changes you’ve made for a healthier, happier and fitter you. SO what is the main thing that people battle with when the novelty wears off?…….. Willpower. My number one subject matter when it comes to sticking to a healthy lifestyle.


Here is a little recap of my top tips:

1: Set a short-term goal (say a couple of weeks) and commit to doing a certain number of workout sessions. Don’t say “from tomorrow…” or “I’ll start Monday….” Do it NOW or it may never happen. One of the biggest mistakes with getting back on track is putting it off. There is NO time like the present.

2: Give it 100% commitment – training, food planning, healthy choices. Commit to NO CHEATS for the next seven days. Plan your meals, stock the fridge with healthy choices. Get rid of any temptations. Pencil in your workouts, make an “appointment” with the gym. Stick to it.

3: Concentrate on all the positives – The worst thing you can do is start pointing out any of the things that MIGHT be seen as obstacles. At the risk of doing that – those include –
“I don’t have time for the gym…”
“Food prep is just too much hassle….”
“I can’t cook healthy meals when I’ve to cook for the family too because they don’t like them…”

Hmmmm Sound familiar? Well here’s what I have to say! Nobody HAS time, you MAKE time. Food prep is allowing you take care of yourself from the inside out – that shouldn’t be seen as a hassle. And if the family aren’t adopting a healthier lifestyle with you – they SHOULD be.


As an exercise take out a piece of paper and write down all the things that living a healthier and fitter lifestyle brings you. Mentally, physically, emotionally, socially. Keep that list. Put it on the fridge. Put it in your diary. Put it in your phone. Look at it, read it and read it again. Once you SEE what your healthier lifestyle brings to you – you won’t be so keen on giving it up.

Give these tips a go. I guarantee that after just a week of really applying yourself you will have regained all the willpower you need to continue. Just FEELING the difference in yourself, your energy levels and your body will spur you on to keep up your efforts.
Fitness and wellbeing is a lifestyle – not a diet, not a short-term way of life. We ALL need a little reboot every now and again. Let this be yours.




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