Leanne Moore

ECC 2016 – A Full 50 

Last year I ran my #ECC44 challenge for the very first time and got a GREAT response so this year I’m aiming to do it all again – and this time – UP the ante! 

Last year #ECC  or The Eat Clean Challenge basically asked participants to make CLEAN EATING choices for the 44 days of Lent but this year I’m pushing it out to a full FIFTY. (Sur why not!!) 

So from FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5th till SUNDAY MARCH 26th I’m challenging YOU to take on #ECC50 with me! 

The Rules:

– To eat clean, nutritious and wholesome foods for the 50 Days 

– No junk food or cheat meals

– Drink 1.5-2ltr of water daily

– Share your good food choices on INSTAGRAM using the hashtags #ECC50 and #LeanneMooreFitness 


I’ll be sharing recipes, food ideas and motivational tips and tricks throughout so the only question remaining is….

Are you in? 

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