Leanne Moore

Exercises For Glutes

Four ways to boost your energy

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what are my favourite exercises for toning my bottom. Glutes are all the rage these days so I feel as a trainer I should add a little disclaimer…..   ** It’s important to train your WHOLE body and not just to target specific areas!**   But … Read more

Willpower Through February

With the end of January looming for many people it will also mean the end of their newfound fitness and healthy food routines. But the arrival of spring should in fact do the complete opposite. It should be a motivator to push harder to stick with the changes you’ve made for a healthier, happier and … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips…. On How To Cure Your Party Season Hangover

Three Healthy Lunch Ideas

Christmas party season is most definitely apon us and that means maybe one or two EXTRA nights on the tiles that we usually wouldn’t indulge in. I’m sure each and everyone of us have foods we typically reach to for that “hangover cure” but chances are those very foods aren’t doing what you intend them … Read more