Leanne Moore

Five Healthy Eating Spots In Limerick

Eating out doesn’t have to mean bad food choices. It’s my goal as I get to know and visit different locations – to share some of the healthy food options with you! Today I’ve chosen five cafes in my hometown of Limerick that offer a mean selection of healthy food on their menus. Keep them in … Read more

Tips For A Healthier Summer

Tips for a healthier summer

The summer is officially here. A new month means new goals and in my experience May is when people really start to take things seriously. Chances are you’ve been hoping to get “summer ready” since January 1st but for one reason or another it hasn’t actually happened yet. Well today’s the day. It’s time to … Read more

My 5 Favourite Low Sugar Snack Ideas

Sometimes the fitness regime comes easy but keeping the food on track is that little bit more difficult. What can you reach for to satisfy a sweet or savoury tooth without undoing all your hard work? A sweet tooth is a tough one because when it comes to dropping body fat – sugar is a … Read more