Leanne Moore


Weekday dinners

Weekday dinners; It can be difficult to decide what to eat during the week that won’t ruin all your hard workouts! I decided to give you a few tips.   Here are my top three weekday dinners!    1: Courgetti Bolognese: What You Need: Courgettes (spirallized or you can do this yourself with a spiralizer) … Read more

How To Boost Your Workouts

How TO Boost Your Workouts

Has your workout routine being lacking lately? Are you finding it tough to inject a bit of mojo in to your sessions? Here are a few sure-fire ways to make sure you start smashing your gym-time again – my top tips on how to boost your workouts.    1: Throw Something New In The Mix  … Read more

My Five Favourite Protein Sources

My five favourite protein sources

To have a balanced diet means making sure you eat sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In dealing with clients day in and day out I often find they struggle to know what foods are good sources of protein Today I am sharing my five favourite protein sources.    1: Chick Peas These little … Read more