Banana Bites

Here’s a little eat clean treat to satisfy any sweet tooth. Dave had these waiting when I got home last night and I just couldn’t resist!! Three ingredients and only five minutes prep time. Simple and DELICIOUS!! It’s definitely one to have in the fridge for the weekend.



1: Bananas

2: Peanut Butter (our fave brands are Meridan and Kelkin – make sure YOUR peanut butter does not list sugar as an ingredient)

3: 80-90% Dark Chocolate



Slice bananas into medium thickness slices about 1-1.5cm

Scoop some peanut butter and place on one slice topping it off with a second slice of banana to make a “sandwich”.

Repeat this process till you’ve made the desired amount

Melt the dark chocolate in a heat resistant bowl above a pot of boiling water.

Set your banana “sandwiches” in a dish and drizzle the melted chocolate over the top.

Pop into the fridge for an hour till chocolate has set.


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Leanne 🙂