Leanne Moore

Is It Time To detox?

With the festivities over the past few days you may be crying out for a little detox. So what are the best foods to help you do just that? The A Department is here to help!


Take a look!


1: Lemons and Limes

Cut them up and add them to your water bottle. Not only do they add flavour but they’ll go a long way to kickstarting a detox. These fruits are extremely alkaline so they help balance the ph levels in the body. They also improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and detoxify the liver. They are the little fruits that keep on giving really…..

2: Avocados

My absolute FAVE. These little guys are a superfood loaded with antioxidents and they also help flush toxins out of the body. I often hear people say how they don’t like avocados (which I can never understand!!!) but you don’t HAVE to eat them savoury. Add a little raw cacao powder and whip up some Clean Chocolate Mousse or go one step further and opt for a Chocolate Mousse Cake.

3: Beetroot

Another favourite in our house. We love to buy the uncooked fresh beetroot and roast it or juice it. Raw beetroot juice is amazing for improving digestion and cleaning the liver. And it tastes really good juiced with apple, ginger and lemon. Give it a go!

4: Garlic

Add this to your dinner tonight. Tons of flavour and helps to detoxify the body. Opt for fresh garlic as the powdered version does not contain the same properties.

5: Kale

Add kale to your lunchtime salad. Kale is packed full of fibre and will go a long way to getting your body back on track. I also love Kale Crisps roasted in the oven. Quick and easy and the perfect TV treat.

6: Blueberries

These are absolutely PACKED with antioxidents and vitamin C and on top of that they actually contain a natural aspirin to help any inflammations within the body. Plus they taste awesome with anything – greek yoghurt, oats or over a salad.

So a pre-breakfast glass of lemon and lime infused water, followed by oats loaded with blueberries. A raw beetroot juice at lunch and a large kale and avocado side salad with a garlic(y) dinner. Sorted!


I hope you like these little tips. Happy detoxing!!

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Leanne xx