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Simply S(MASH)ing

Simply S(MASH)ing Recipe

Simply S(MASH)ing Recipe – Had enough of sweet potato? Fancy a change? Well here’s a sMASHing little recipe to get your teeth into – ABC Mash. Who knew vegetables could be this good. Serve this as a side dish to some fish or meat for a reduced carb meal without sacrificing the satisfaction! Simply S(MASH)ing … Read more

Cacao and Coconut Delights

Cacao and Coconut Delights

  Cacao and Coconut Delights – Being nuts about coconut helped the matter but we weren’t quite prepared for the complete awesomeness of what we were about to whip up. Try them out for yourselves – they’re goooooood! Cacao and Coconut Delights What You Need: (Coconut) 1 Cup Coconut Milk 3 Tblspns Coconut Oil 2 … Read more


Easy Homemade Chocolate Balls

Easy Homemade Chocolate Balls – We all want to indulge every now and again; here is an easy, homemade recipe that will kick your craving. What You Need: 15 Dates 5 Tblspn Raw Cacao powder 2 Heaped Tblspn Almond Butter 3 Tblspn Agave Coating: Raw Cacao Desiccated Coconut 1 Tblspn Raw Cacao Butter Pit dates … Read more

Day 10 of My 12 Day Challenge

It’s mid week and the Bank Holiday weekend is within TOUCHING distance. Just three days to go and you will have fully completed this challenge. I hope you are very proud 🙂   Today’s little circuit is as follows:   10 TRX Rows OR 10 Push Ups 10 TRX Squats OR 10 Squats 10 TRX … Read more

Is It Time To detox?

With the festivities over the past few days you may be crying out for a little detox. So what are the best foods to help you do just that? The A Department is here to help!   Take a look!   1: Lemons and Limes Cut them up and add them to your water bottle. … Read more

It’s Time To Ditch The Diet

In the past I’ve tried EVERY diet there is. The whole way through my early to mid twenties I was obsessed with becoming slimmer. So today I wanted to do a quick post hoping that what I’ve learned might help YOU. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to help you DITCH THE DIET and … Read more

Are You (Coco) Nuts About Bread?

  My name is Leanne and I’m a former bread addict….. Now whilst I won’t say I’ve given up bread altogether, I will admit that when I do indulge I try to make sure it’s a homemade and eat clean version. Que one loaf of Seeded Coconut Bread. We whipped up this delicious treat in … Read more