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GUEST BLOG POST – How To Blitz Stubborn Belly Fat

My lovely other half – David Behan – will guest blog from time to time and here’s his first instalment!

Take it away Dave!


Hey guys,

Its beach season and everyone keeps asking me how reduce belly fat!
if you’re one of these people here’s 5 simple changes you can make to really help…


1) Sleep…when you don’t get enough sleep you end up eating more. When you’re tired you produce more ghrelin, which triggers cravings for sugar and other fat-building foods. Losing sleep can also alter your hormone production, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, prime reasons for belly fat! try get a solid 8hrs!



2) Short burst of Exercise….add more exercise to your day, try do exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and work your cardiovascular system. Try planking, where you hold yourself in a push-up position, resting your forearms on the ground. Try 3 or 4 sets of holding for 30 seconds each. Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for walks will also help.

3) Cut out all SUGAR!….Fighting belly fat is 80% healthy diet. Reduce calories by filling yourself up with protein, vegetables, whole grains, and replacing bad habit snacks with good ones. For example, if you have a sugar craving, replace your calorie laden latte with a green tea or black coffee.. Another great trick is a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee or oatmeal- the spice has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar. It also slows the rate at which food exits the stomach, which helps you feel fuller longer.



4) Vitamin C….When you’re under extreme stress, you secret more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps balance the cortisol spikes that happen to you under this stress. Besides being a good way to counteract a cold, Vitamin C is also essential for making carnitine, a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin your fat burning friend. Also try bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits. These have even more Vitamin C than the famous Orange!

5) Eat Fat….Yup, you heard me! It takes fat to burn fat. Like I said above, it’s sugar that gets you fat, not fat. Good fats include foods rich in Omega 3′s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are full of nutrients that help keep you satiated throughout the day…and help burn fat for energy!
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