Leanne Moore

July’s HIGH FIVE Challenge

Tomorrow marks the start of July (my birthday month 🙂 ) and what better way to greet a new month than with a new challenge! Introducing the HIGH FIVE CHALLENGE. So how does it work? Well……

For the month of JULY I am challenging you to keep it completely clean FIVE days per week (Monday to Friday), eating FIVE balanced meals a day – (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) and exercise FIVE times a week.  There are close to FIVE weeks till August 1st – this week being the exception where you can ease yourself into the challenge with a three-day week and complete the final four weeks with gusto!

Challenges are an amazing way to keep your food on point. And your food HAS to be on point in order to get results from your fitness routine. For anyone heading off on holidays in August – this is the perfect challenge for you!

And now for THE RULES:

1: You must EAT CLEAN FIVE days a week –  Monday to Friday – for the month of July (and yep that means NO ALCOHOL)

2: Weekends are less strict BUT beware NOT to overdo it and undo all the hard work of the week. Allow a cheat meal OR a night out but NOT a whole cheat day.

3: You must eat FIVE small meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

4: You must aim to be active for MINIMUM of 30 minutes a day, FIVE times a week whether that be at the gym, going for a fast walk, jog or run outside or playing sports.

If you are taking up the challenge – take pictures of your clean healthy meals and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #HIGHFIVECHALLENGE

Don’t forget to follow my accounts – for foodies it’s The A Department and my own personal account is Leanne Moore Fitness. 


Looking forward to you all accepting my challenge!

Chat soon,

Leanne 🙂