Leanne Moore

Over-Indulgent Weekend? Here’s What You Need To Do….

For me the weekend was literally a food and drink fest. We had a family wedding on Friday, followed by a day of treats on Saturday and my little nephew’s birthday party on Sunday. Wedding Food, cheat food, party food and even more rich indulgent food left me feeling a little queasy and bloated after the few days. The old me would have dealt with this the whole wrong way. I would have skipped breakfast for starters and then proceeded to lunchtime – maybe picking at some stodgy bread sandwiches and as soon as the sugar cravings re-hit I would definitely have given in to them. The problem with recovering from a sugar binge – is that all you crave after it – is sugar! It’s a vicious circle. My main rule is to try to eat only clean and wholesome foods for a full 24 hours – by which point the body will have started to feel “normal” again. Those 24 hours are the hardest though – so here are a few little things that might help you through.
If you’ve worked hard all week. Hit the gym and ate healthily, then you deserve your treat/cheat. It is important to remember though that cheats or treats (usually) are to be had in moderation. That being said however there are times when a treat becomes the whole weekend and so long as this does not become a habit – it’s ok. Monday’s a new day. Move on and get back to being you.


Flush out the sugar, the salts and the additives drinking plenty of water and allowing the body to recuperate. Adding lemons and limes will also help to restore the body’s alkalinity.
Fruits, vegetables and herbal teas are all your best friends after a day of over indulgence. Remember the day after is the day you are more likely to crave more “bad” foods but if you stick to your guns and fill up on nutritionally rich foods, you’ll be right as rain in no time.


Going hungry is literally the worst thing you could do after overindulging. You are only messing around with blood sugar levels and more likely to overeat at your next meal. Eat little and often and allow yourself return to your usual routine.

It may be the LAST thing you want to do but it will help you to no end. Not only will burning a few calories but it will also totally clear your mind. Hit the gym, go for a long walk or do a workout that you usually wouldn’t opt for. A little shake up might be just what you need.



Remember it’s not about never treating yourself, it’s not about depriving yourself of the treats you crave or enjoy. It’s about striking a balance that is good for your body. Finding a way of getting as much goodness as possible and then also knowing that it is totally ok to over indulge every once in a while.


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