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My Five Favourite Protein Sources

My five favourite protein sources

To have a balanced diet means making sure you eat sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In dealing with clients day in and day out I often find they struggle to know what foods are good sources of protein Today I am sharing my five favourite protein sources.    1: Chick Peas These little … Read more

Over-Indulgent Weekend? Here’s What You Need To Do….

For me the weekend was literally a food and drink fest. We had a family wedding on Friday, followed by a day of treats on Saturday and my little nephew’s birthday party on Sunday. Wedding Food, cheat food, party food and even more rich indulgent food left me feeling a little queasy and bloated after … Read more

HIIT Session Of The Week #LeanneMooreFitness

Here’s this weeks HIIT session!   Squat (Add Weight) Walkout Lunge (Add Weight) Burpee   ROUND 1: 20 of each ROUND 2: 15 of each ROUND 3: 10 of each ROUND 4: 5 of each ROUND 5: 20 of each #FINISHER 5 Minutes on Threadmill 1 Minute Sprint 30 Seconds Rest 1 Minute Sprint 30 … Read more

My Favourite HIIT Workout

Recently I’ve been taking to my Snapchat account (Username: Leanneacmoore) to see what blogposts you would like to read each week.   I usually give three options and ask that you screenshot the one you want most. This week “My Favourite HIIT Workout” came out on top.   Before we get into the workout it’s … Read more

This Week I’m Loving….

GOODIES FROM TK MAXX This week the lovely people at TK Maxx sent me out a little box of goodies from their new TKOwnJanuary campaign. I got a gorgeous hot pink sports bra, a OGGI water bottle, vouchers for their nail bar and a lovely notepad which reads: “Love What You Live.” Such a nice … Read more