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Small Steps To Big Changes – Motivate Yourself!

If you saw my snapchat (username: Leanneacmoore) last night you will know that I am feeling far less motivated than I had hoped I would be at the moment. This got me thinking about motivation. Motivation and how I stay motivated is the most popular question I get asked from week to week. And the answer – in a nutshell – is that motivation is something we all have to dig deep for from time to time. I’m digging really deep at the moment!! Today I’ve put together some of the tips and tricks I’ll be using in the coming days and weeks to help me motivate myself. Hopefully they can help you too! 


1: Avoid Over Indulging

This was my downfall this week. We had a weekend away and overdoing the food and drink led to a very tired start to Monday. If you are lacking in motivation, try to avoid overdoing it at the weekends. This will ensure you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the start of the week. Having a fresh Sunday always sets you up for a good week ahead. If you do have plans, try to limit the “damage” and steer clear of all those “hangover foods” the morning after. I’ve previously wrote a post on clean foods that help to cure the hangover blues. You’ll find it HERE


2: Try Something New

If it’s your training routine that is lacking a little flair – change it up. Book a few sessions with a trainer, buy a training plan, try a new class, get an assessment at the gym to show you around some new machines or workout ideas. Just break from routine a little. Even one day a week doing something new will give you a re-injection of energy. I often ask Dave to take me through a training session or give me a workout to do just to switch it up a little. Giving yourself someone “to answer to” or “to report to” is really all you need to get you moving!


3: Buddy Up: 

Training with a partner is a really good way to find and keep motivation. It doesn’t have to be a gym workout – it can literally be anything that gets you moving! If you’ve more than one friend in need of motivation too – create a little What’s App group between you all to share ideas and inspo! 


4: Stay Off The Couch And Get Outdoors

Sometimes a little fresh air is all you need to reset the mind and find some motivation. With the cold wet weather and the dark evenings it’s far more appealing to snuggle up on the couch than it is to get out and workout. But if you are seriously lacking drive – get yourself outside for 20 to 30 minutes and just take in some fresh air. At the very least it will give you a breath of fresh air – but who knows by the time you are done you might even throw in a little home workout or even find enough mojo to get you to the gym. 


5: Remember Why You Are Doing It: 

Your goals are so important, maybe more important than you realise. When you start training it’s essential to write them down. This makes them real. There they are set in stone. Whenever you lose sight of them, whip them out and take another look. Use images, words, whatever will help in setting out your goals. Your goals are individual to you – remember that. And only YOU can bring yourself to meeting them. 


I hope these tips help you with any lack of motivation. Remember we ALL go through it. No matter how motivated a person may appear, we all have or “off” days and even weeks. Keep digging deep, I will too, and I’ll aim to share even more motivation as we go forward together! 


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