Leanne Moore


6 Awesome Habits To Introduce To Your Day

A New Year and a New Challenge! This week marks three months of LIFT By Leanne so I wanted to introduce a new element to the subscription to help motivate you in your training! Throughout 2021 we will be taking on a series of LIFT Challenges with the first 8-Week one kicking off Monday 4th January! Here are all the details on our New Years Challenge.

Leanne’s Top Tips On….How To Beat The Monday Slump

It’s just another manic Monday….. Quoting The Bangles – now I’m showing my age! Do you find Monday’s sluggish and slow? Do you want to put a little pep in your step? Then these FOODS could be just the help you are looking for. ENERGY BOOSTING FOODS Coconut: These little beauties are packed with oils … Read more