Leanne Moore

New Year Fitspiration – My Five Simple Tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your New Years Resolution? Take a look at my five simple tips for some Fitspiration!   January is here and after the excess of December chances are you’ve no idea where to start with your resolution to be the fittest and healthiest you in 2017. You may even be feeling … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips On….How To Beat The Monday Slump

It’s just another manic Monday….. Quoting The Bangles – now I’m showing my age! Do you find Monday’s sluggish and slow? Do you want to put a little pep in your step? Then these FOODS could be just the help you are looking for. ENERGY BOOSTING FOODS Coconut: These little beauties are packed with oils … Read more

The A Department’s 44 Day Eat Clean Challenge

So tomorrow is the official start of Lent and whether you are inclined to give something up or not – here’s an idea we can all get on board with – The A Department’s 44 Day Eat Clean Challenge – #ECC44. So why 44 days? Well lent 2015 officially runs from Wednesday February 18th to … Read more