Leanne Moore

Garrett’s Nutri Fitness Meals – Meal Prep Made Easy

This week I’ve been trying out some delicious fresh Nutri Fitness meals from Garretts. I was thrilled to see this box of delicious food arrive for me at Go Gym recently and  have been eating like a queen since!     Garrett’s got in touch with me to tell me about their Nutri Fitness Meals … Read more

REVIEW – Clean Nutrition Protein Bars

Recently I was sent out a couple of boxes of the new CLEAN NUTRITION PROTEIN BARS from the lovely guys at DISCOUNT SUPPLEMENTS. Now I’m ALWAYS on the look out for low sugar protein bars because they really are the little treat that gets me through the day. I literally LOVE one with a coffee … Read more

REVIEW – Supreme Nutrition Paleo Protein

Last week I was sent this little present from the guys at Discount Supplements – a GLUTEN FREE, 100% natural protein powder. I liked the sound of that.   One scoop offers 23.5grams of protein with less than 1grm of carbs and zero fat – and this “Orange Twist’ flavour tastes more like a cordial … Read more

A Juicy Way To Getting More Than Your 5 A Day

This week I teamed up with Juice 2 Go to try their range of healthy fruit and vegetable juices. I had been feeling a little under the weather lately and wanted to make sure I was getting tons of the good stuff. A three day “Normal Detox” arrived at my door on Friday jam packed … Read more