Leanne Moore

HIIT Session Of The Week #LeanneMooreFitness

Here’s this weeks HIIT session!   Squat (Add Weight) Walkout Lunge (Add Weight) Burpee   ROUND 1: 20 of each ROUND 2: 15 of each ROUND 3: 10 of each ROUND 4: 5 of each ROUND 5: 20 of each #FINISHER 5 Minutes on Threadmill 1 Minute Sprint 30 Seconds Rest 1 Minute Sprint 30 … Read more

HIIT Session Of The Week – #LeanneMooreFitness

I usually pop my HIIT session of the week up on SNAPCHAT (username: Leanneacmoore) but I am going to start adding them here too! ***If there are any exercises you are unsure of ask an instructor at your local gym. Base Round:  15 Kettlebell Thrusters 12 Renegade Row 10 Box Jumps 8 Push Ups Round … Read more