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Weekday dinners

Weekday dinners; It can be difficult to decide what to eat during the week that won’t ruin all your hard workouts! I decided to give you a few tips.   Here are my top three weekday dinners!    1: Courgetti Bolognese: What You Need: Courgettes (spirallized or you can do this yourself with a spiralizer) … Read more


Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Turkey Lettuce Wraps – This recipe is one of my “go to” recipes on week nights. Ready in minutes and delicious! Turkey Lettuce Wraps Turkey Lettuce Wraps WHAT YOU NEED: 1 Turkey Fillet Breast Iceberg Lettuce Spring Onions Cucumber Organic Hummus Asparagus 1/2 cup Sweet Potato Coconut Oil     WHAT TO DO: Simply slice … Read more

New Year Fitspiration – My Five Simple Tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your New Years Resolution? Take a look at my five simple tips for some Fitspiration!   January is here and after the excess of December chances are you’ve no idea where to start with your resolution to be the fittest and healthiest you in 2017. You may even be feeling … Read more

5 Reasons Why Women Should Be Lifting Weights

1: It Burns Serious Calories: So many people thing cardio is the only way to go when it comes to burning calories. But in fact here’s where weight training can be a big secret weapon. Sure a cardio session might burn more calories immediately but a weights session goes on burning those calories for up … Read more

Ask Leanne – How Can I Tone My Stomach?

I’ve decided to do a little feature each week called #AskLeanne so that I can get to answering some of the questions you send me. You can get in touch on Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat (Username: Leanneacmoore) and tag me in your questions using my social media handles or the #AskLeanne hashtag. This week … Read more

HIIT Session Of The Week – #LeanneMooreFitness

I usually pop my HIIT session of the week up on SNAPCHAT (username: Leanneacmoore) but I am going to start adding them here too! ***If there are any exercises you are unsure of ask an instructor at your local gym. Base Round:  15 Kettlebell Thrusters 12 Renegade Row 10 Box Jumps 8 Push Ups Round … Read more

Targeting Post Holiday Weight – My Top Tips

I’ve just returned from five days in Austria (Dave and I were skiing with some friends) and after a lot of bread and three-course meals, i’ll admit I’m feeling a little bloated. This week I shared my pre-holiday and post-holiday pictures and that in itself was hard to do. In case you missed it on … Read more