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Leanne’s Top Tips: Forgot To Food Prep…… What Can You Grab To Go?

What happens when you have no time to prep food for a busy day ahead? So many of my clients tell me that this is a big concern for them. Between work, gym, family life and day to day stresses, finding time to prepare food is something many just can’t get around to. So what can you pick up that won’t undo all your hard work in the gym and send you into a day of mindless eating?

Here are a few of my favourites!




1: Go to the deli counter and ask for two boiled eggs. Easy to eat and surprisingly filling!

2: The handy on-the-go porridge pots are great. All it takes is some boiled water from the tea vending machine and you are good to go! Opt for the plain variety though and add some of your own fresh fruit (i.e. berries) as opposed to getting the pre made fruit flavours. There can be a lot of hidden sugars.




For Lunch:


1: Centra’s Live Well Range: Centra sell some amazing salad boxes all for €5 and I think they are great. The option with the chicken breast with a beetroot and quinoa salad is my favourite. But there are also options with salmon and ham. Have a look in your local store.

2: If it’s a carvery option just opt for the fish, chicken, turkey and vegetables. Steer clear of fattier cuts of meat such as beef, pork etc. Pass on covering your plate with gravy too and ask for some on the side so you can use sparingly.

3: At a deli counter choose a salad box. Meat, boiled eggs, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pineapple and greens all make for a very tasty salad bowl. I usually get a little sprinkle of cheese too!




A lot of what applied for lunches can apply here. However if you are at a business meeting or dinner engagement – the easiest rule of thumb to apply is:

1: Pass on the bread basket

2: Have a salad to start so that you don’t overeat on the main course

3: Choose fish, white meat and vegetables for the main and leave the potatoes and chips alone!





1: I love low sugar protein bars as a snack. It’s no secret that Quest Bars are my favourite. I love the Cookie Dough and the Double Chocolate flavours. Other brands low in sugar include the Nutramino and the CNP ranges. Have a look at the nutritional info on the back. I usually only opt for one with a sugar content of below 7-8grams per bar.

2: Raw nuts and fruit – I love grabbing a small pack of raw cashews or almonds for an on the go snack. Usually I team this with an apple or a small pack of berries. **TIP** Only buy the handy pack of nuts. Chances are if you don’t you may end up eating the lot and that would send your fat intake up for the day.

3: Vegetable Juice – Another favourite of mine. I usually opt for a juice with more vegetables in it as opposed to fruit to keep the sugar count low. I love beetroot juice combos for an added energy boost.



Remember too to bring along a large bottle of water and keep hydrated throughout the day. That will go a long way to keeping cravings at bay.



Hope these little tips help!



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