Leanne Moore

Sometimes We Need A Little RAW Energy….

Shop bought cereal and energy bars have so many hidden extras so here’s a little recipe that will have you snacking #EatClean style! Have a particularly busy day ahead? Whisk up a batch of these Raw Energy Bars for a go to treat.    What You Need:  2 Cups Desiccated coconut 1.5 Cups Almonds 1 … Read more

Are You (Coco) Nuts About Bread?

  My name is Leanne and I’m a former bread addict….. Now whilst I won’t say I’ve given up bread altogether, I will admit that when I do indulge I try to make sure it’s a homemade and eat clean version. Que one loaf of Seeded Coconut Bread. We whipped up this delicious treat in … Read more

Are You HazelNUTS About Nutella?

Homemade Nutella Recipe

  Homemade Nutella Recipe – If you are nuts about Nutella – here’s a little concoction you can whip up at home using all healthy ingredients. But be warned – your taste buds may explode! What You Need: 200g Raw Hazelnuts 1 1/2 Tsp Organic Vanilla Extract 2 Heaped Tblsn Unsweetened Cocoa or Raw Cacao … Read more


I guess sometimes you just have moments…. Sunday would have been mams birthday. The 10th of November though I often question my memory and doubt myself thinking it’s the 11th. She would have been 54 years old. Sunday came and went without much reminiscing and actually I was quite proud of myself for being so … Read more