Leanne Moore


Three Awesome Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to take in goodness on the go. I prefer them to juices as you get all the good stuff in the glass. With all these recipes simply pop into a blender and blitz! Here are three awesome smoothies.     1: Protein Smoothie:  What You Need:  1 Scoop Chocolate Whey  … Read more


Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies are always a winner. And here’s one you’ll love. Try this blueberry smoothie out this week. And if you add some whey or vegan protein it will pack a protein punch too!    What You Need: 2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt 2/3 cup frozen blueberries 2-3 large frozen strawberries 1 cup spinach leaves (frozen … Read more

Nutty Granola Bars

Nutty Granola Bars

  Are there times where you need to grab a quick snack on the go?  Introducing The Nutty Granola Homemade Bars!   What You Need: 50g Dates (seedless) 100g Jumbo Rolled Oats 2 tspns Honey 85g Mixed Pecans and Walnuts (crushed) 45g Mixed Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds 3 tblsn Coconut Oil/Olive Oil   What To … Read more

Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Here’s a simple recipe for a chocolate and raspberry protein smoothie!    What You Need: 1 Scoop Chocolate Whey Handful Frozen Strawberries 1/2 Banana Handful Spinach 200-250ml of Unsweetened Almond Milk 2-3 Ice-cubes Toppings: Raw Cacao Nibs and Powder   What To Do: Pop all the ingredients into a blender and blitz for 30-45 seconds. … Read more

Mmmmmmm……Almond Pancakes

Here is a DELICIOUS little recipe PERFECT for a weekend breakfast treat.     WHAT YOU NEED: 1 Cup Almond Flour 2 Eggs 2-4 Tbspns Coconut Milk (or Almond Milk) 1 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Vanilla Extract Greek Yoghurt/Fresh Blueberries (or toppings of your choice)   WHAT TO DO: 1: Mix eggs, milk, and vanilla … Read more

Protein Pancakes


WHAT YOU NEED:  30g Gluten Free Oats (I blitz mine into a flour in our coffee grinder!) 1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder (flavour of your choice!) 2 Egg Whites Splash of Unsweetened Almond Milk Toppings ( I usually opt for Almond Butter or Peanut Butter with Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruit and raw cacao nibs) … Read more