Leanne Moore

My Top Picks From The New Penneys Fitness Range

“You’re training gear is fab!” “Thanks! Penneys €6!”   What’s the BEST motivation to start a new fitness regime? NEW WORKOUT GEAR that’s what!! Well the Primark range might just be all the motivation you need AND it won’t break the bank. Here are some of my top picks for the new range in store now.   … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips…….. On How To Beat A Bloated Tum

  Do you suffer from a bloated tummy? This is seriously one of the biggest complaints I hear in my line of work. And what’s worse is that when you do feel bloated, uncomfortable and uneasy – you tend to skip the gym because you are simply not feeling up to it. When it comes … Read more

My Fitness Journey…..

                  My fitness journey truly began way back in my college years but I really only began taking it seriously a little over two years ago. This first picture (below) is one of the first “progress pics” I ever took. Now I will say that I never … Read more