Leanne Moore

Day 1 – Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – What I Ate


I hope Day 1 of #Leannes12DayChallenge is going great for you all. Just to really help motivate you I decided to pop up a little post on my own first day. Today I trained for 45 minutes – weights only – concentrating on shoulders and triceps. And here is my food log.


2 Full Eggs

1/2 Avocado

1 Tsp Flaxseed

1 Glass of Raw Vegetable Juice – beetroot, carrot, broccoli, lemon and lime.


Snack 1: 

2 Oat Cakes

1 Tsp Hummus

1/2 Apple

1 Americano Coffee



1 Gluten Free Brown Bagal

(no butter or mayo)

Chicken Breast (unbreaded)





Snack 2: 

Protein Shake (post workout)



Steak – Lean Cut

Sweet Potato Chips (small portion)

Side Salad (No Dressing)



2.5 Litres Water with Lemon and Lime Slices

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Eleven days to go!

Let’s doooooo this!

Leanne 🙂