Leanne Moore

May Motivation…. Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge

Keeping your workout motivation year round can be a big ask. We all go through times where the last thing we want to do is workout. But I’ve found that adding a little “challenge” (even something quite small) can be all the motivation you need to reboot yourself.

It’s now just TWELVE days till the next Bank Holiday weekend when June will officially be upon us. So if you are lacking a little workout motivation I may have the solution for you!

Introducing my 12 Day Challenge!

For the next twelve days I am CHALLENGING YOU!

Yes every day between Monday 18th and Friday 29th of May I will providing you with a HIT “Workout Of The Day” to add to your own gym or home routine.

On top of that I am challenging you to keep your nutrition on point for the next 12 days – NO CHEATS – in a bid to make sure we keep our healthy lifestyle motivation.



1: Eat clean and healthy food choices for the next 12 days.

2: Perform the “Workout Of The Day” for the next 12 days.

3: Drink 2-3 litres of water a day!

4: Share your food choice snaps on Instagram tagging me – @LeanneAcMoore and using the hashtag #Leannes12DayChallenge

Simples! Whose in?


Here’s tomorrow’s “Workout Of The Day” – Day 1 #Leannes12DayChallenge

10 Squats

20 Lunges

30 Crunches

40 Mountain Climbers 

x 5 Rounds 

Add weights if you have them to your squats and lunges.

Time your rounds – Beat your time!