Leanne Moore

Three Exercises For Glutes

Hello,   Hope you are all having a great week….   This week I’m showing you three exercises to target the glutes. Take a look and work them into your fitness routine using just your bodyweight (for beginners) or using additional dumbbells, barbells or kettle bells. Glute Bridge: Lie flat on the floor on your … Read more

A Little Detox For Monday

Need to give yourself a little boost for Monday morning? Want to try a little 1 Day Detox? Here’s a very simple one to try.   MEAL 1: Vegetable Juice (to be made in a juicer) – 1 Beetroot, 1/2 Apple, 1 Carrot, 1/2 Lime, 1/2 Cucumber and Spinach. MEAL 2:  10-15 Raw Almonds MEAL … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 6

So we are OFFICIALLY at the halfway mark!! Let’s give ourselves an added little boost today and do a DOUBLE HIIT workout. Are you ready?   Here it is!   HIIT WORKOUT 1: (If at the gym – use the rower) Row 500m Row 400m  Row 300m Row 200m R0w 100m OR Squat 20 – … Read more

Fitspiration Of The Week – Instagram Accounts From Around The World

My own personal FITSPIRATION comes from all over the world. To date I’ve been introducing you to people a little closer to home so this week I’ve decided to go global and I’ve chosen some of my favourite international Instagram accounts as the “Fitspiration” of the week. In no particular order here are my top … Read more

Day 1 – Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – What I Ate

Hey! I hope Day 1 of #Leannes12DayChallenge is going great for you all. Just to really help motivate you I decided to pop up a little post on my own first day. Today I trained for 45 minutes – weights only – concentrating on shoulders and triceps. And here is my food log. Breakfast:  2 … Read more

Fitspiration Of The Week – Personal Trainer Mack

Lemachy – better know to everyone as Mack –  is a Personal Trainer at The Body Building in Raheen and a colleague of mine. From his one on one clients, his popular HIIT classes and his own rugby involvement with Nenagh – Mack is definitely a “fitspiration”. Here’s what he had to say. 1: How … Read more

Fitspiration Of The Week – Holly Carpenter

This weeks “Fitspiration” is former star of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model – Holly Carpenter. I love following Holly’s Instagram snaps for great paleo-friendly food ideas. 1: What is your weekly fitness routine like? I train about 3 days a week in Fit studios in Fairview. I love their circuit & fat burning classes, … Read more

Leanne’s “Fitspiration” Of The Week – David Behan

I didn’t stray far from home for this weeks “Fitspiration”!! Yes this week it’s Dave’s turn to inspire you all. Here’s what he had to say. 1:What is your weekly fitness routine like?  I play gaelic football so I like to train for strength, speed and endurance. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t … Read more