Leanne Moore

Day 10 of My 12 Day Challenge

It’s mid week and the Bank Holiday weekend is within TOUCHING distance. Just three days to go and you will have fully completed this challenge. I hope you are very proud 🙂   Today’s little circuit is as follows:   10 TRX Rows OR 10 Push Ups 10 TRX Squats OR 10 Squats 10 TRX … Read more

It’s Day 7 of My 12 Day Challenge

Right so how did Saturday night go? Tough to keep it “clean”? Well lets not dwell on it. It’s Sunday – my favourite day of the week! I’m getting in a leg session at Go Gym today and looking forward to a good “eat clean” roast later. Chicken, roast sweet potato, roast butternut squash, greens … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 5

It’s FRIDAY! The weekend is (almost) officially upon us. Weekends can be VERY tough when it comes to sticking to an #EatClean challenge but you are now FIVE days in so don’t undo it – stick with it – it WILL be worth it.   If you are finding the weekend a bigger challenge this … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 3

It’s MIDWEEK already and time for today’s HIT Workout of the Day.   10 Box Jumps OR Jump Jacks 10 Weighted Sit Ups OR Raised Leg Crunches 10 Reverse Lunges 10 Jump Squats 10  V Sit Ups x 5 Rounds    Don’t forget to TAG A FRIEND under the Facebook post to get them in … Read more

May Motivation…. Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge

Keeping your workout motivation year round can be a big ask. We all go through times where the last thing we want to do is workout. But I’ve found that adding a little “challenge” (even something quite small) can be all the motivation you need to reboot yourself. It’s now just TWELVE days till the … Read more