Leanne Moore

July’s HIGH FIVE Challenge

Tomorrow marks the start of July (my birthday month 🙂 ) and what better way to greet a new month than with a new challenge! Introducing the HIGH FIVE CHALLENGE. So how does it work? Well…… For the month of JULY I am challenging you to keep it completely clean FIVE days per week (Monday … Read more

Toning Up? Some Gym Myths Busted!

Spending my time in and around the gym – I hear and see all sorts of things that I class as gym MYTHS! So here I’m going to bust a few 😉   MYTH 1: Weights will make you bulky I’m not kidding when I say I definitely hear this at least once a week … Read more

Day 11! One Day To Go!

Right so today is the second last day of the challenge – have you been keeping up? How about we hit that tummy hard today! Here’s a little abs circuit. ROUND 1 25 Crunches (add weight) 25 Russian Twists (add weight) 25 Bicycle Crunch 25 Full Sit Ups (add weight)   ROUND 2  20 Heel … Read more

Day 10 of My 12 Day Challenge

It’s mid week and the Bank Holiday weekend is within TOUCHING distance. Just three days to go and you will have fully completed this challenge. I hope you are very proud 🙂   Today’s little circuit is as follows:   10 TRX Rows OR 10 Push Ups 10 TRX Squats OR 10 Squats 10 TRX … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 6

So we are OFFICIALLY at the halfway mark!! Let’s give ourselves an added little boost today and do a DOUBLE HIIT workout. Are you ready?   Here it is!   HIIT WORKOUT 1: (If at the gym – use the rower) Row 500m Row 400m  Row 300m Row 200m R0w 100m OR Squat 20 – … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 5

It’s FRIDAY! The weekend is (almost) officially upon us. Weekends can be VERY tough when it comes to sticking to an #EatClean challenge but you are now FIVE days in so don’t undo it – stick with it – it WILL be worth it.   If you are finding the weekend a bigger challenge this … Read more

Leanne’s 12 Day Challenge – Day 3

It’s MIDWEEK already and time for today’s HIT Workout of the Day.   10 Box Jumps OR Jump Jacks 10 Weighted Sit Ups OR Raised Leg Crunches 10 Reverse Lunges 10 Jump Squats 10  V Sit Ups x 5 Rounds    Don’t forget to TAG A FRIEND under the Facebook post to get them in … Read more